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Ballyclare Colts Welcome Exchange Students

Tuesday, 26 July, 2011

Ballyclare Colts U13s resumed training for their incoming season on Tuesday 26th July. They were delighted to be joined by two additional boys – Oleskii Yarmolich (known to his friends as Losha) and Dzmitry Barysenka (Dema).

Losha and Dema were staying in Northern Ireland at the home of Dorothy Moffatt and Jim Robinson just outside Doagh. The boys arrived on 16th July along with a plane load of other disadvantaged children from Ukraine and Belarus as a result of fundraising by a local charity, ‘Children of Chernobyl’.

The children spent three weeks in Northern Ireland, experiencing all the things in life we take for granted. Being big football fans, they jumped at the chance to train with the Colts.
The Colts boys welcomed Losha and Dema with open arms and maybe we will see them return in the future…